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The 4 C’s for Leading Change

Leading change is one of the most critical skills a leader can master. Why? Because we live in times where change is constant (intentional oxymoron!). Also, successfully leading change can yield tremendous dividends, while failed change efforts can wreak devastation in the workplace. The great news is that the ability to lead change has little to do with your DNA—it is an easily learned skill. Continue reading The 4 C’s for Leading Change

New Year’s Resolutions That Count

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Last week, shortly before or after ringing in the new year, someone asked you, “So, what are your New Year’s resolutions?” That’s how it happened for most folks. And most folks hurriedly, and without much care, thought of at least one thing they wanted to do or accomplish in the year ahead and that became their “resolution”. I put “resolution” in quotations because most people are anything but resolute in committing to its accomplishment—it’s really more of a wish than a goal. In fact, this time next year they won’t even remember the prior year’s resolution or, if they do, they will simply recycle it for the new year ahead.

What I tell those I coach and mentor is to give more care and thought to making New Year’s resolutions. No matter what you might have declared last week when put on the spot while downing your nth glass of champagne, it’s not too late to revisit and revise your New Year’s resolutions. Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions That Count

Icons & Influencers: Drew Myers

Drew MyersSimply defined, an icon is a person who is very successful and admired. Some might call them “masters of the game” or “hall of famers”. Their accomplishments are undeniable. It is my pleasure to introduce you to an icon who has influenced me throughout my career.

Drew Myers is a veteran sales & business professional and leader with nearly 30 years experience, who is an expert in the areas of sales, business strategy, human capital, and entrepreneurship.

Drew has held key leadership positions in the United States Marine Corps and throughout Corporate America, including: Vice President of Business Development, Senior Vice President of Sales, and President/CEO. In 2013 he sold the very successful company he founded 15 years earlier to a group of private equity investors.

Continue reading Icons & Influencers: Drew Myers