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The 4 C’s for Leading Change

Leading change is one of the most critical skills a leader can master. Why? Because we live in times where change is constant (intentional oxymoron!). Also, successfully leading change can yield tremendous dividends, while failed change efforts can wreak devastation in the workplace. The great news is that the ability to lead change has little to do with your DNA—it is an easily learned skill. Continue reading The 4 C’s for Leading Change

Stop Trying to Motivate Your Employees!

Stop trying to motivate your employees! Sounds crazy, right? After all, what company doesn’t want motivated employees? They all do! Motivated employees work hard, work smart, enjoy coming to work every day, and give their absolute best effort. So why then would I advocate that managers and leaders stop exhausting themselves trying to figure out how to motivate their troops? If you make it to the end of this article, I hope it will make sense—and that you’ll agree with me! Continue reading Stop Trying to Motivate Your Employees!

Career Advice No One Is Giving You: “Yes, But…”

Why is it that some people have careers that resemble a marathon—methodically, progressively advancing on pace and towards a defined objective—while other people have careers that resemble someone running on a treadmill—exerting energy, doing good work, but ultimately going nowhere, ending up right where they started? The answer might very well lie in the words that follow the ellipses: “Yes, but…” Continue reading Career Advice No One Is Giving You: “Yes, But…”

The Bionic Leader

Leaders are made, not born. Sure, some people are born with greater aptitude in certain areas inherent to leadership, but not all of these people grow up to become leaders. Likewise, many people who are not born with inherent skills identified with leadership work hard to develop these skills and grow into great leaders. That’s my opinion. Admittedly, it’s not a universal truth—it’s a hotly debated topic. In a study published in 2012 by the folks at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), they found 52.4% of C-level executives (barely over half) believe that leaders are made, not born; 19.1% believe that leaders are born, not made; and the remaining 28.5% believe they are equally born and made. Continue reading The Bionic Leader

6-Step Blueprint for Conducting the Perfect Interview

For those keeping track, this is the fourth article I’ve written this year dealing with the interview process. Do you think that I believe this is pretty darn important? If so, you’re right! While the first three articles offered advice for the job applicant, this article offers tips for the person on the other side of the desk—the hiring manager. I invite you to gain from my perspective from both sides of the interviewing desk, but primarily as a veteran hiring manager who has interviewed hundreds of candidates over the past 15 years. So, whether you are a rookie manager just starting your career, or a seasoned manager with many years of tenure, I offer you this simple blueprint to follow the next time you are interviewing candidates for an opening on your team. Continue reading 6-Step Blueprint for Conducting the Perfect Interview